The aim of consulting is to add value to the organization, you are consulting when you are trying to change, help or improve a situation but have no direct control over implementation. How do you stop over-delivering and under-pay or how do you even get paid for adding value? Let’s unlock the door to management consulting secret.

Here are the contents! Overview of general consulting. Business signals indicating the need for a consultant. How to be an outstanding consultant, Capital in Consulting. Ethics in consulting, Consultancy marketing. Consulting and Training.

Proposal and Contract. Making money in the Public and Private Sector as a consultant. Date: 25th-27th March 2020.Venue: Suite B40, Danziyal Plaza Opp NNPC Mega Station CBD Abuja, FEE: #35,000. Bonus: 3months Mentorship and Executive Certified Management Consultant Certificate. Reg close on 22nd March 2020.Our Promised, Value for money. For Enquiry 08033542772. Powered by Formazione Business School Abuja.

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