Business Navigation In The Era of Epochal Change

Business Navigation In The Era of Epochal Change

Global Markets are in record declines, Massive layoffs have begun, with much more likely to come. Several businesses have already gone under. Capital is drying up. It is no secret that starting a business is incredibly difficult and yet, challenging times can create even more obstacles between you and success. After COVID-19 Crisis 40%of businesses/organizations may never reopen.

25% of businesses/organizations that do reopen may fail within a year following COVID-19 disaster.

40% CEOs will experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with symptoms such as Unpredictable emotions of high intensity, difficulty focusing, impaired ability to make decisions, flashbacks of the event, irregular eating and sleeping, upset, tension in their relationship, nausea, and headaches. All these Tragedies can be prevented.

Join Dr.Segun Ojarotade FCILG and Hon. Yinka Olatunbosun FCILG on Saturday,4th July 2020. on ZOOM.

For a free seminar ID and PW click the link for free registration. https://bit.ly/CILGNIGERIA.

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