Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Management is a process, discipline, human activity, and a career.

Management as a process is a systematic method of handling activities.

  • Management as a discipline is about the application of concepts and principles to achieve the desired objective.
  • Management as human activity is an act of getting things done through others by directing, guiding, controlling, and managing people.
  • Management as a career is about specialization in the field of management such as personal management, marketing management.

Management is the function of an enterprise which concerns itself with the direction and control of various activities to attain business activities. Management is about the coordination of the activities of a business to achieve defined objectives. Without management concept it will be difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship emerged because of the high rate of unemployment, Job dissatisfaction, Un-met needs, Passion, Experience etc. To thrive as an entrepreneur, the need to understand the basic principle of entrepreneurship is essential. An entrepreneur is somebody who has ideas and makes these ideas come to life with business skills (innovation, creativity) by assuming risks. At Formazione Business School we make your ideas come to life.

Objectives of this program.

By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Start a business;
  • manage a business with result;
  • restructure existing business;
  • define the concept of entrepreneurship;
  • generate a business idea.
  • troubleshoot their entrepreneurial skills challenges ;
  • identify the requirements for developing new enterprises;
  • discuss challenges in the business environment;
  • enumerate competencies for business success;


1.Entrepreneurship skill

  • Management
  • Business Idea generation
  • Business Environment
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan

2 Business Documentation and Account

  • Business finance
  • Profit and Lost
  • Funding
  • Cash Flow
  • Sales Forecast.

3.Business Marketing

  • Social Media
  • Unique value Proposition
  • Setting Price
  • Marketing benefit

4.Business Operation

  • Business Strategy
  • Managing contact Information
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Communication
  • Target Audience
  • Business Email and website.
  • Business Distribution

6.Business Branding

  • Business Registration, Business Card, Letter head
  • Business Office operation and Location
  • Business Equipment
  • Account Opening

Program Duration: 30Hours or 4weeks. Executive Class 3days.

Venue: At Formazione Business School, the quality of our delivery is thesame across all the 25branches in Nigeria, participants are advised to choose either Classroom or online.

Professional Diploma Fee:

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For fee call: 08033542772.



Softcopy certificate 24hrs after the exam.

Hard copy certificate to be courier within 3working days.


For fee call: 08033542772.


OUR CAPABILITY STATEMENT: Formazione Business School facilitators are certified and accredited by Nigeria Council for Management Development and our certificates are globally recognized.

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