Business Operation, Structure And System

Business structure is a system that outlines how certain activities are directed to achieve the goals of an organization. Business structure is the act of organizing a business in a way that it will run on autopilot smoothly with or without your presence. The system is a process created in business to get the desired result daily while the process is the unique way system is done in an organization. Business expansion is difficult without structure, process, and system. Business survival is impossible without structure, process, and system.

We at Formazione Business School show you and help to put a system in place to protect your business, achieve your vision, and live longer.

Do you still handle everything as a CEO in your business?

Do you have a step by step guide on how things are done?

Do you know how to track your income and expenditure?

Are you aware that salary is not the only reason why employees stay or leave an organization?

With over 20years in business we can help you build a workable system and structure in your business.

Many entrepreneurs fail in business because of a lack of business structure, process, and system. Many claimed to have 10years of experience in business, but one-year experience repeated ten times.

If you are in business but cannot travel for vacation/holidays because of your business, it simply means you lack structure.

Are you a CEO or Business Owners who rush to work by 5 am and still close at 8 pm with a leftover job? You need a business structure.

If you are not sure that your business, we out leave you, it means you need a business system and structure,

Objectives of this program.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. develop a system and structure for their organization/busines
  2. prepare 25 business policies and structure documents to build a lasting business
  3. automate business system without stress.


  1. Business Structure Module 1-5
  2. 25 Business Policies
  3. Team building
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Leadership competency
  6. Building a process and system.

Program Duration: 30Hours or 4weeks. Executive Class 3days.

Venue: At Formazione Business School, the quality of our delivery is thesame across all the 25branches in Nigeria, participants are advised to choose either Classroom or online.

Advanced Professional Diploma Fee:

For fee call: 08033542772.



Soft-copy certificate 24hrs after the exam.

Hard copy certificate to be courier within 3working days.

Certificate Courier Fee:

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