Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer is the foundation of any business success. The place of customer relation in organization’s growth and sustenance is irreplaceable, it is one of the driving forces of organic growth; no one gives a return business to a company that provides poor customer service support. At Formazione Business School, we know that the process of turning a sales lead to into a full-fledged customer, and the arduous management of the company’s interactions with clientele are wholly executed by the CRM unit, hence the need for quality training. CRM is a crucial buzzword in the corporate world, but its outcomes depend on the professionalism of the CRM unit which is acquired at FBS professional CRM trainings.

Learning Objectives
By successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • explain the value of customer relationship management;
  • identify the needs of customers;
  • interact with customers in an assertive manner;
  • troubleshoot customer’s complex challenges
  • develop appropriate strategies for enhancing customer relations;
  • turn an unhappy customer to a biggest fan
  • articulate customer relationship goals;
  • design key milestones in the relationship management process;
  • analyse customer checklist for success;
  • communicate effectively with customers; and
  • carry out customer retention strategies.

Programme Content

  • Overview of Customer Relationship Management;
  • Elements of Quality Customer Service;
  • Effective Communication with Customers;
  • Service Recovery Strategy;
  • Handling Customer Compliant;
  • Customer Attraction;
  • Customer Retention;
  • Customer Surveys, Profiling and Evaluation;
  • Telephone Ethics for Customer Service;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Managing Difficult Customers; and
  • The ten commandments of customer service.

Who To Attend?

  • Individuals who are transitioning into this field
  • Entry level CR managers
  • Early to mid-career CR managers
  • Sales Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Customer/Client service Manager
  • Front Desk officer
  • Human Resources Managers seeking enhanced knowledge and skills
  • Associated corporate providers of CRM products and services

Delivery methods shall be with Lecture, exercises, case studies, hands-on syndicate sessions, discussion and brainstorming methods, and role-play. Audio visual aids will be used to facilitate learning.