Entrepreneurship & Business Development (EBD)

Obviously, entrepreneurship is now ubiquitous; the rate at which young folks switch to it keeps increasing on daily basis. But a business idea is not enough to succeed as an entrepreneur but an in-depth understanding of the tasks and processes required to prepare for potential growth opportunities and long-term value creation. As a leading specialist in entrepreneurship and business development, FBS combines professionalism with passion in its dispensation of contents.

Course Outline

The course is designed to cover these and other knowledge areas

  • The Term Entrepreneurship
  • Essential Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Entrepreneurs Challenges and Solutions
  • Turning Ideas and Innovation to Business
  • Business Start-up Kit
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan Strategy
  • Business Funding
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business and Government Policies
  • Business Laws and Accounting
  • Branding and Office Management
  • 1000 Business Ideas, and many more.

Learning Outcome

By successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Turn ideas to business
  • Discover their entrepreneurial skills
  • Solve entrepreneurship challenges
  • Prepare a rich feasibility study and business strategies
  • Conveniently fund business ideas
  • Sell what they create and invent
  • Understand business-related laws and policies
  • Develop product and market penetration formula
  • Brand one’s and others ideas
  • Generate more business ideas, and many more.

Who To Attend

  • Individuals who are transitioning into business owners
  • Entry level business minds
  • Entrepreneurship trainers and managers
  • Individuals seeking enhanced knowledge and skills
  • Associated corporate providers of EBD products and services

Duration: 4 weekdays or weekends