Funds Raising For Business And NGOs

Many businesses crash daily because of inadequate funding. To some people, the lack of funds is just another excuse for not becoming entrepreneurs or starting a business. Raising capital is key to all business activities because capital is the blood of every business. Raising capital for business may not be easy; in fact, it is a complex and frustrating process. But effective planning will make it a bit easy for you.  At Formazione Business School we make funds raising strategies easy for you and exposed you to the secret of funds raising.

Objective of this program

  • to enable participants, acquire workable fundraising strategic knowledge.
  • to troubleshoot fundraising challenges; and
  • to raise funds.


  1. Pre-funds raising strategies for NGOs
  2. Pre-funds raising strategies for MSMEs
  3. Funds raising strategies for NGOs
  4. Funds raising strategies for MSMEs.
  5. Lists of Funding Organizations
  6. Eligible criterial for funds raising locally and international.

Program Duration: 30Hours or 4weeks. Executive Class 3days.

Venue: At Formazione Business School, the quality of our delivery is thesame across all the 25branches in Nigeria, participants are advised to choose either Classroom or online.

Professional Diploma Fee:

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Softcopy certificate 24hrs after the exam.

Hard copy certificate to be courier within 3working days.

Certificate Courier Fees:

For fee call: 08033542772.


Our capability statement: Formazione Business School facilitators are certified and accredited by Nigeria Council for Management Development and our certificates are globally recognized.

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