Procurement & Supply Chain Management (PSCM)

Sourcing raw materials from suppliers worldwide and bringing them into the organisation for the production of goods and services for clientele is unequivocally a sensitive and demanding process that requires professionalism for utmost delivery and productivity.

The position of raw materials in the production of quality goods and services is highly inseparable. This is why FBS commits all efforts to instil in participants everything they need to perfectly assess materials, procure good materials, manage them well, and ensure a modest reduction in purchasing cost so as to have a significant effect on profit, and many more.

Course outline

This course is designed to cover these and other knowledge areas

  • The Concept of Procurement
  • Procurement Principles
  • Purchasing, Warehousing and Stock Control
  • Public Procurement Procedures and Law
  • Business and Economic Environment
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Project Risk and Procurement
  • Identification, and many more

Learning Outcome

By successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Upgrade their procurement knowledge
  • Understand and apply principles of procurement
  • Effectively cost and manage procurement
  • Conduct supplier appraisal
  • Assess the quality of materials
  • Perfectly procure goods
  • Coordinate PSC teams towards optimum productivity
  • Strongly negotiate in procurement and supply process, and many more.

Who To Attend

  • Individuals who are transitioning into this field
  • Entry level PSC managers
  • Early to mid-career PSC managers
  • PSC managers seeking enhanced knowledge and skills.
  • Associated corporate providers of PSC products and services, and others

Duration: 4 weekdays or weekends