Workshops And Seminar At A Glance

  1. Emotional Intelligence for effective performance
  2. Work Life Balance Workshop
  3. Managing the Human Resource for Sustainable Results Workshop
  4. Interpersonal Skills Improvement Workshop
  5. Conflict Management and Resolution Workshop
  6. Creativity and Innovation in Leadership Workshop
  7. Succession Planning and Mentoring Workshop
  8. Customer Relations Management
  9. Attitudinal Change and Ethical Conduct in Organizations
  10. Speech and Report Writing Workshop
  11. Personal Effectiveness Workshop
  12. Performance Management Workshop
  13. Human Resources Management for Administrative and Personnel Officer
  14. Management Workshop on Essentials of Leadership
  15. Management Workshop for Protocol and Liaison Officers
  16. Work Ethics and Organizational Productivity Workshop
  17. Team Building for Peak Performance Workshop
  18. Efficiency and Performance Improvement Workshop
  19. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Relationship Workshop
  20. Salary and Reward Management Workshop
  21. Problem Solving and Decision-Making Workshop
  22. Office Management and Administration Workshop
  23. Occupational Health and Safety Workshop
  24. Management Skills and Personal Effectiveness Workshop
  25. Strategic Management: Planning and Implementation Workshop
  26. Attitudinal Change and Ethical Conduct for Executives
  27. Finance and Accounting Workshop for Managers
  28. Finance and Accounting Skills Improvement Workshop
  29. Budgeting and Budgetary Control Workshop
  30. Strategic Financial Management Workshop
  31. Stores and Inventory Management Workshop
  32. Supply Chain, Materials and Logistics Management Workshop
  33. Community-Driven Development Workshop
  34. Procurement Planning and Contract Management Workshop
  35. Project Feasibility and Viability Study Workshop
  36. Monitoring and Evaluation Management Workshop
  37. Business Intelligence Workshop
  38. Effective Management of Poverty Reduction Schemes
  39. Business Performance Improvement Workshop
  40. Pre-Retirement Training Workshop
  41. Facility Management Workshop
  42. MS-Excel Application Workshop
  43. MS-Access Database Application Workshop
  44. ICT application workshop
  45. Team building and Leadership
  46. Relationship Management in the workplace
  47. Train the Trainers
  48. Stress Management at workplace
  49. Effective Communication and Management Development
  50. Many more….