Surviving A Toxic Workplace


In a perfect world, the workplace should be a pleasant, respectful, and a mission-focused environment. Employees should be free to focus on using their talents to the best of their abilities, in pursuit of a singular common goal. In such an ideal environment, it is expected that the only stress should be directly related to the job.

All workplaces have some challenges and negative characteristics, so it can be difficult to determine if your workplace has a normal amount of challenges, is seriously dysfunctional, or possibly toxic. A toxic workplace is any work environment where the people, culture, and atmosphere are so negative that it disrupts the organization’s efforts and even spills over into employees’ personal lives. Sadly, however, too many people fail to recognize the signs of toxicity.


HR Expert Mrs. Ngozi Enite-Okoro MCILG,  ACIPM, and Dr. Segun Ojarotade FCILG.

On Wednesday 24th June, 2020. by 12 PM on  ZOOM.

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