Our Services Include

Capacity Building

Capacity building is key to great productivity, the level of skills, instincts, abilities, and knowledge an individual develop through trainings is a determinant of his outputs rate.

Sequel to FBS awareness of the certitude that capacity building is essential for individuals and organisations to thrive in this fast-changing world, we hereby, give it an utmost priority in all our programmes and services.

Business Advisory Services

The world of business so pharaonic in nature, this makes it difficult to understand without quality advisory services.

Every developing and developed business we see has a touch of consistent business advisory services in its development process. As a result of its necessity, FBS conducts Business Advisory Services for prospective business owners, and professionals.


For MSMEs owners to thrive in business, the need for premium business mentor-ship is quite indispensable.

Obviously, they need a shoulder to lean on, a reliable source to draw from, and a business professional to consult for mentorship. This is the pretension behind the inclusion of this service in our operations.


Strategic development or planning is crucial to business advancement in shifting market dynamics. It sets out the goals, objectives, and vision for an organisations long-term organic and inorganic growth and development.

Every business desires to and can reach the apex, and this makes it exigent for business owners and entrants to consult FBS for a puissant strategic development for their business.

Market Research

Market or Industrial research is a requisite component of business strategy, an organised effort to gather useful information about customers or target markets. As a veteran in this area with potent market information in all business areas, FBS helps your business maintain premium competitiveness over competitors.


The buzz about entrepreneurship is everywhere nowadays; it has been seen as the basis for every nations swift development. But we need to emphasis here that entrepreneurship is more than starting your own business, it requires quality training and development for productivity.

Though this process could be taxing, but, relax, FBS offers all you need to know to start, run and grow your business successfully.


A good business idea or existing business without a detailed business plan and visibility development is a mere futile adventure, just like a soccer game without a goal post.

Every business requires a workable business plan and visibility development to flourish as envisaged. And that is why we place a huge priority on this at FBS.


The need to promote entrepreneurship in the developing world is greatly necessary. This is because entrepreneurship accounts for a large share of job creation, innovation promotion, and more. And as a way of promoting this vital economic player, FBS offers operative entrepreneurship promotion services to small and large businesses.

Formazione Business Hub

The positive influence and impacts of belonging to an association of like-minds on personal and business development is unquantifiable.

Formazione Business Hub has the mandate to create a rich environment where members have an unrestricted access to brainstorm on business strategies, business matters, and network- the most effective business expansion strategy. Our vision is to connect, promote and support.

Vocational Training

The proliferation rate of vocational training centres and their graduates affirms its necessity.

Having learnt the increasing relevance of skills and hands-on instruction in this century, we meticulously organise vocational trainings and services for individuals and groups in order to make a distinct contribution and place individuals on the path of productivity.

ICT Consultancy

The ICT world is becoming unimaginably expansive beyond what we knew. Now it plays an increasingly important role in the way we communicate, learn, live, etc.

FBS is passionate to keep you abreast of this fast-moving sector in a concise manner through a range of puissant ICT services.